Quality at the highest level

We deliver the highest quality for your production facility. For us this assertion is a permanent element of our company philosophy. Our systems are regularly certified to ISO standards, ensuring that every single part meets its requirements to perfection.

The satisfaction of our clients is our measure of success, and it runs through every detail of our production. It starts with our use of high-quality materials. Rehm BlechTec has been distinguished for many years by strict quality criteria as a specialist welding facility; thanks to its excellent metal processing it provides the best possible conditions. We also plan and design all our machines with CE conformity in accordance with specified machinery directives.

Quickly and safely to the destination

The European regulations require a high level of air cargo security, i.e. all freight shipments must be strictly controlled and individually checked prior to loading. That normally costs time, effort and money because the procedure involves complex safety regulations.

As an officially registered, well-known consignor, certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority, we ship our products particularly reliably.  Our systems or accessories ready for consignment are thus already safe and reliable before they even leave company premises. As a well-known consignor, Rehm had to implement clear guidelines in the company to achieve this, for example, the appointment of an air cargo security officer, extensive staff training and the establishment of a closed security zone to minimise unauthorised access to products and processes. When it comes to customs clearance, our shipments can thus be processed much more quickly and cost-effectively, without any problems.

Key advantages


Officially registered consignor Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH


Do you still have any questions regarding the quality of our products? Our quality management team will be happy to advise you and is available to answer questions on any matter relating to our production conditions, certifications, and the company's contribution to sustainability and operational energy management.


Günter Dieckmann
Quality Manager
T +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 644
F +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 525

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