Rehm wins the “EM ASIA Innovation Award”

Awards ceremony: (from left to right) Johnson Ma, Managing Director of Rehm Thermal Systems Dongguan, and Professor Tianxi Wang, Tsinghua University SMTLAB (Photo: EM ASIA)

Reflow convection soldering with vacuum also attracts great interest from Asian electronics manufacturers

With VisionXP+ Vac, Rehm Thermal Systems has developed an innovative system for reflow convection soldering with vacuum, for which it has won the “EM ASIA Innovation Award 2016”. This system allows the German engineering company to achieve void-free soldering results in electronics production. The award recognises the company’s innovative approach, its global presence and the high quality of its products, which are engineered to meet specific market needs.

The “EM ASIA Innovation Award” has been presented since 2006 and this year was awarded in different categories of electronics production during the NEPCON exhibition in Shanghai. The award recognises new equipment that has recently been launched and supports the development and introduction of innovations, products and software in the Asian electronics industry. Rehm Thermal Systems impressed the judges with the VisionXP+ Vac reflow convection soldering system in the category of reflow soldering systems.

VisionXP+ Vac: Innovative systems technology from Rehm
Energy-efficient, low maintenance and void-free – with new multiple options for the VisionXP+ range, Rehm offers innovative solutions for reflow soldering with convection. At this year’s NEPCON exhibition in Shanghai, the vacuum option attracted a great deal of interest from customers. Whereas the usual method up to now was to remove voids from the soldering joint with an external vacuum module, this is now integrated in the VisionXP+ Vac. Gas inclusions can be reliably eliminated during the convection soldering process. As a result, outstanding soldering is possible without interrupting the workflow – a clever two-in-one solution! The efficient energy concept also ensures sustainable production. With VisionXP+ Vac, customers can save up to 20 % in energy during their production processes and generate an average of 10 tonnes less CO2 per year.

VisionXP+ Vac (Image: Rehm Thermal Systems)
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