Presenting Protecto at the ElectrontechEXPO

The Rehm team on location: (from left to right) Mikhail Kuzhelev, Sales Manager Rehm Russia, Olga Bayer, Assistant to the CEO and Sergey Eberley, General Manager of Rehm Russia

Rehm offers new equipment for customers in Russia

After Rehm Thermal Systems presented its products at Russia’s biggest electronics trade fair for the first time last year, the German mechanical engineering company was able to follow up on that success in 2017 as well. From 25th to 27th April, customers had the opportunity of visiting Rehm at the ElectrontechEXPO in Moscow and learning all about the latest developments in the field of thermal system solutions.

The Rehm team of the branch, founded in 2015, was on the spot to offer visitors extensive information and advice on the innovations. The topic of protective varnish coating for sensitive electronic component groups was the focus of special interest. At the trade fair stand, Rehm presented the Protecto varnishing unit, which makes it possible to carry out highly selective conformal coating processes. Customers were able to directly experience the diversity and flexibility of the systems in a live demonstration at the trade fair stand. Protecto enables the dispensing, jetting, spraying and curtain coating spraying processes to be carried out easily and smoothly. With up to four varnish applications, it is possible for several component groups to be varnished synchronously and also for up to four different materials to be directly applied without set-up time in the master-slave operation. This not only represents an advantage with regard to time and cost management, but also ensures greater production efficiency.

Additional highlights were also the new application options offered by Protecto. For example, high-speed and precision applications can be implemented in a rapid, uncomplicated way using the VarioFlex curtain coating nozzle developed by Rehm. The Russian customers were also extremely interested in innovative solutions that go beyond varnishing and can be carried out with the unit – such as the application of 2-component materials, sealing, grouting or heat transmission.

In addition, the new CondensoXC was presented on Rehm Distributors Global Engineering’s trade fair stand. There was likewise huge interest in this unit, as the CondensoXC has a compact structure due to the innovative process chamber and offers great performance! Thanks to the patented injection principle, precisely the right amount of Galden® is added to the process to ensure optimal profiling. The fluid can be almost 100 % recovered and filtered via the closed-loop filter system. The unit is completely vacuum-fit and has an integrated process recorder to ensure optimal traceability.

The team from Rehm was able to find new interested parties and gain new partners, as well as cultivate existing customer contacts. Following three successful trade fair days in Moscow, Rehm will continue to expand its contact network in Russia, with representation at trade fairs and seminars on current trends in the electronics industry.  

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