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Quality Management as a Living Example
Delivering quality is an unswerving constituent of our company policy. Controlled processes and clear-cut sequences assure that errors are practically ruled out, so that scheduled delivery dates and required product characteristics are guaranteed. Strict quality inspections ensure that each and every individual part and assembly fulfills the specified requirements for perfection.

Why quality management?
The advantages of certification are plain to see, and ever stricter customer requirements have top priority for Rehm. On the one hand, the quality of products and services has to be assured. Production processes and services rendered are continuously examined and adapted to specified requirements by means of internal audits, because focal points and goals are re-ascertained again and again. Potential improvement is made apparent, and thus implementable. This includes the application of product liability risks (CE conformity in accordance with the machinery directive) through the use of documented company procedures and legally secure records by means of risk assessments. An established quality management system is also a marketing instrument for Rehm – beginning with the resultant image boost. Quality management is the proof that measures for the improvement and maintenance of product quality are implemented. Worldwide business is facilitated for Rehm by the international ISO standard. The QM system is an opportunity for Rehm to continue developing its organization. Rehm continuously examines and improves its operating processes. All Rehm employees receive quality training at regular intervals and are further qualified. A further advantage for both Rehm and its customers is the recognition of interfaces through the incorporation of operating processes. New employees get to know the ropes more quickly with the help of the quality handbook. 

Günter Dieckmann
Quality Manager
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