13.02 – 14.02.2019

Reflowseminar Mexico

Today reflow soldering is still the most important connection technology for electronic assemblies. That is why our Seminar in Mexico will focus on several important factors that influence the reflow soldering quality: What are the main aspects of an optimal soldering profile? How can you avoid common and special defect mechanisms? You will have the opportunity to discuss your problems concerning reflow soldering with experts in this field. Rehm Thermal Systems invites you to broaden your horizon and welcomes you to our Seminar about 

Reflow Soldering, Temperature Profiling, Soldering Defects and Troubleshooting 

in Mexico on February 13 – 14, 2019.

If you are interessted in the Seminar please contact

Karina Pelayo
Administrative Assistant

Tel: +52 (33) 3855-5671
E-Mail: karina.pelayo@rehm-group.com

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Kosten für die Veranstaltung
449 €