Dual university programs

Would you like to study and at the same time get some practical work experience?

In conjunction with the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Heidenheim we offer a dual studies course in business administration. For further information see (in German): www.heidenheim.dhbw.de/studienangebot/bachelor-studiengaenge/fakultaet-wirtschaft/bwl-industrie.html

Practical experience, that really contributes to your professional career.

We are happy to support people who wish to gain practical experience in electronics manufacturing. Find out how an innovative company functions as a global player or discover the complex structures behind the processing of the sale of our machines. We offer students, during or after their studies, the possibility of gaining interesting insights into the industry and are happy to help them develop topics for final papers or diploma theses.

We currently offer the following vacancies and internships for students:


Joachim Erhard
C.A.O. Chief Administrative Officer
C.H.R.O. Chief Human Resource Officer
T +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 531
F +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 525

Natalie Werner
Human Resources
T +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 643
F +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 525