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Rehm Thermal Systems receives the "Innovative through Research" seal of approval

Less than one percent of the companies active in Germany do research. Therefore, it's a special distinction to be recognised by the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany for high involvement in scientific work and research practices. Rehm Thermal Systems was recently honoured with the "Innovative through Research" seal of approval for implementing outstanding innovations. This shows that Rehm is tightly networked on the international research landscape and is making an important contribution to innovative growth with its projects.

As a technology and innovation leader, Rehm has produced high-quality manufacturing equipment for the electronics and photovoltaics industries globally, including reflow soldering machines, vacuum systems, and coating and drying systems, among others, since 1990. Research is an important part of our company philosophy. Dr. Hans Bell's team works in close cooperation with scientific institutions and institutes on various development projects, partly in sponsored joint research projects or in bilateral collaboration. Here are three examples of this:

Energy and resource management as an overall concept of research work at Rehm
Rehm Thermal Systems, together with Siemens Industry Sector, developed the VisionXP Quad Lane. It is a four-lane convection reflow soldering system that is particularly energy-efficient while taking up only a small amount of space. 60 % of the manufacturing space previously needed was able to be saved at Siemens, and the total energy consumption was reduced by about 13 kW. The system was distinguished in 2013 with the "New Product Introduction Award".

In the "ALIX CoolFlow'' cooperative project, Rehm, together with the Air Liquide company, technologically implemented the innovative idea of multiple usage of the nitrogen needed for the reflow soldering. For the first time ever, this project succeeded in operating a reflow soldering system that can completely do away with the coolant that had been needed up to that point, and that moreover needs 3 kWh less energy.

Innovative ideas for the future
Rehm is currently taking part in the development of a new material for power electronics for high-temperature optimised offshore applications in the joint research project "HotAL", sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology. This is an important contribution to the energy revolution in Germany! "The decisive competitiveness factor today is not only the price; instead, it is the innovative performance characteristics of the products that ensure acceptance and success on the global markets. This is the driving force for us, to integrate new ideas and to implement clever innovations in the world of thermal systems”, Dr. Hans Bell emphasised.

VisionXP Quad Lane, 4-track-transport system
VisionXP Quad Lane
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