Talking to customers on site

Successful Rehm seminar tour in Asia

Experts from Rehm were again in Asia in mid-October, meeting customers and partner companies to discuss the latest trends from the world of reflow soldering. The first stop in Wujiang was a resounding success. The team also stopped in Kunshan and Chongqing. On site, each tailor-made seminar was conducted by Dr. Hans Bell and Paul Wild, from the research and development department at Rehm Thermal Systems, to introduce targeted process and technology solutions for meeting various customer requirements. The team gave information about the basics of modern and professional reflow soldering technologies, and also tips for process improvement and optimisation.

The soon-to-be traditional seminar tour was opened with a speech by Johnson Ma, Director of the Rehm production plant in Dongguan. The team from Germany introduced the participants to development strategies for a modern “Industry 4.0” and demonstrated how the new ViCON software can improve the soldering process and increase efficiency. Other highlights included the use of vacuum technology for void-free solder joints, as well as the analysis of IPC baseline policies of a top-quality soldering standard. As a technology leader, Rehm also demonstrated future developments in the field of research, introduced innovations in the product portfolio, and discussed current developments with all of the guests.    

Digitalisation, networking and big data are popular terms in today’s electronics industry. Throughout the Rehm seminar tour as well the focus was frequently on these new trends, as electronics manufacturers must respond to the challenges brought about by dealing with large amounts of data. The implementation of a “Smart Factory” is one of the key future prospects within industrial production. The “Internet of Things” will connect the real world with the digital world. Production facilities, machines and products will increasingly exchange information. All production and logistics processes are networked together and digitally integrated at a superordinate system level. A new level of “Big Data” enables the real-time coordination and seamless transparency of the production process. In response to this trend, Rehm has developed the new ViCON software with a touch interface – an innovative and intelligent solution for the VisionX-Series, which makes the system much easier to use. The seminar participants showed a great deal of interest in this, because the software enables users to easily and smoothly handle production control, performance analysis, production management and data logging. “ViCON Connect” also allows the entire Rehm machine plant to be monitored and controlled from one “offline” workstation. Production orders can be prepared in this way – for a simple and efficient production process – without requiring an operator to work directly at the machine. Furthermore, customers can use the new “ViCON app” on their smartphones to view parameters and system status and also to keep an eye on the production processes at any time while they are away. Rehm has therefore further developed the system technology, and, with ViCON, also brought intelligent software on to the market. This best serves future requirements and provides the best quality of products and production processes.

This year, the Rehm seminar tour also provided an opportunity to expand technological know-how and enter into dialogue with participants on site. We would like to thank our customers and partners for the interesting exchange of experiences, and we look forward to more events in Asia!

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