Experts in SMT manufacturing will be meeting at Rehm on 10th and 11th October 2018 - we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Let us take you on a trip to the most interesting hot-spots in electronics manufacturing. You can look forward to the island-hopping from the production island to the central island and then to the digital island. Our tour guides will take you through the exciting world of SMT manufacturing, tell you about the direction assembly production is taking, and show you the way out of the digitalisation jungle! You will discover new trends, be inspired by innovative creations and enjoy the new ideas from the ‘Islands of Technology’ while engaging with other travellers.

No - Rehm has not ventured into tourism! However, the area of electronic manufacturing has long since been an exciting and widely ramified area of production. It is constantly developing and offers new technologies, manufacturing concepts and innovative processes time and time again.

The two-day ‘Technology Day’ - round trip will lead you to top-class specialist presentations by our experts in electronics manufacturing and research institutes. In the afternoons, you can decide on your own island-hopping itinerary to soak up information about innovations related to Rehm’s systems technology and software solutions!

Your "TechnologyDays" travel guid for download!

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