What our experts say

Wolfgang Zeifang - C.T.O. - Chief Technical Officer

»The new VisionXP+ Vac is particularly energy-efficient thanks to the use of EC fan motors and the newly designed cooling zone, and allows real-time recording of all relevant operating data.«

Michael Hanke - C.S.O. Chief Sales Officer

»The VisionXC ViCON Edition provides a new complete solution, offering compact high-quality system technology combined with high-quality equipment, as well as the new, modern ViCON software including the ViCON app for mobile system monitoring.«

Peter Schiele - Director Sales Condenso

»The new CondensoXC reflow condensation soldering system is best suited for laboratory applications, small production lines or prototyping. The system is a top performer, which means it plays a huge part in the process despite having a space-saving design.«

Helmut Öttl - Head of Application & PM Soldering

»The new Nexus contact soldering system is suitable for void-free and flux-free soldering in a vacuum at up to 450 °C with a variety of process gases. It is particularly suited to use in the field of advanced packaging, and is available as an option for wet chemical activation with formic acid.«

Joachim Erhard - C.H.R.O. | C.A.O. Rehm Group

»Rehm offers the Securo Minus for reliable cold function tests so that you can analyse the reliability of sensitive electronics under extreme temperatures. Electronic components are exposed to cold air or nitrogen at temperatures as low as –50 °C in the system. The system can be combined with other measuring equipment.«

Bernd Marquardt - Director Sales Protecto

»We offer two equipment variants for different manufacturing environments, both the ProtectoXC for flexible coating processes, even at low throughput, and the ProtectoXP for highly-selective coating tasks and high-volume applications.«

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