Flexible coating process for optimal coatings

ProtectoXP meets your requirements for the highest quality, stability and productivity in automatic inline coating services. The product specification is determined by the plant equipment.  

Circuit boards must not be coated completely; parts such as switches or electrical plug connections must remain uncoated in order to maintain their function. There are various application methods for this partially highly-selective coating application. With up to 4 coating applicators, you can synchronise several modules simultaneously in master-slave mode to apply the coating or directly apply with up to 4 different materials without set-up time

All-in-One lacquering

The patented Stream-Coat® nozzles are compatible with all conventional coatings, from low-viscosity to high-viscosity. An external diameter of just 2.4 mm with a length of up to 100 mm allows optimum coating even between tightly packed, tall components or even under the components themselves. With Protecto you can carry out the various selective application procedures of dispensing, spraying, jetting and curtain coating “on the fly”. An implicit air nozzle precisely dispenses the coating and distributes it with little splatter or mist. The homogeneous film of coating can, with the aid of the adjustable airstream, even be applied under or behind adjacent component pins and in shadow zones without the need to tilt the applicator.

Multifunctional lacquer applicator for perfect application

Uniform and precise application of a highly thixotropic material

Coating of large areas with a low splatter and mist spraying procedure

Pinpoint lacquer application of up to 120 miniature dots per second through rapid opening and closing of the valve

Curtain Coating
Spraying and fog-free coating of large surfaces at very high process speed

The application determines the equipment Variety of coating applicators

Which equipment is most suitable for which type of coating? With the broad range of Rehm coating applicators, customers always find the right plant equipment for their individual processes. We offer in-house proprietary developments as well as applicators from suppliers who have already established themselves in the market.

Various options such as material needles, patented two-material nozzles and material warmers, are available for the respective applicator. Thus, the plant equipment can be selected using a wide range of different accessories that provides the best combination of cost-effectiveness and process performance.

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