Reliable process with low maintenance costs

Brush and blowout station

Rehm has developed a ground-breaking cleaning system for ProtectoXP which is particularly maintenance-friendly. A brush station with a solvent bath allows optimum cleaning of the lacquer nozzles. Even if the system has been off for up to ten days, it is operational at the touch of a button without additional cleaning work. An innovative blowout station allows automatic cleaning in just a few minutes when materials are changed. All technical control elements, including cleaning equipment, are compactly integrated in the plant and easily accessible for maintenance work.

Optimum assembly protection without contamination of the work environment

Easily accessible lacquer supply in the plant

To prevent contamination from vaporised solvents of lacquers and compounds in the immediate vicinity of the ProtectoXP, the lacquer supply is integrated in the system at the back of the plant. This means there is no odour pollution from random releases of solvent vapours into the environment. The plant also has an extractor system which conducts and removes solvent-containing evaporations to the in-house exhaust system during the coating process.

For a clean process and comfortable working atmosphere in your production line!

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