Greatest possible process reliability with innovative options

When it comes to coating, one thing is essential: precision. ProtectoXP is designed to ensure that the required volume of coating is always evenly applied, whether through a pressure valve, a cartridge or a pump from the original container. Automatic needle measurement checks the target position of the applicators in freely definable cycles and if necessary corrects the coating program automatically. The dispensing of the lacquer is controlled by the software, which loads the appropriate coating program with the suitable lacquer and nozzle type. An optional heated nozzle keeps the protective coating always at a constant temperature and thus a consistent viscosity regardless of environmental conditions. A specially developed lacquer lance with a level indicator prevents bubble formation when changing the lacquer.




Needle measuring cross with auto-correction

A camera system for a wide range of applications

Fiducial camera

For absolute process reliability ProtectoXP is optionally equipped with a fiducial camera. This means the coating program can be corrected and aligned by registering the marks even if a board is laid into the flight bar inaccurately. A barcode checks whether the set coating program is right for the assembly in place. If there is a deviation the process is automatically blocked.

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