Innovative software tools for easy programming

The ProtectoXP is operated with an intuitive software and is especially user-friendly thanks to a newly developed touch-screen interface. It has numerous software features, including online and offline programming, language switching, rights management, MES connectivity and clear user guidance. Not only can you adapt all work steps flexibly to the process flow and your product requirements, you can also track and document all processes at any time.

For optimum and reproducible coating results! 

Programming and product management – Easy and quick to the goal

The Protecto software makes programming the coating process easy and fast. The module is placed as a picture in the background. The areas to be coated can then be defined using different line and surface elements. Multiple areas can be copied or cloned. This saves a lot of programming time. The other process parameters, such as coat, feed containers and valve settings, are stored in the product management. For testing the programming, there are various test tools with which the coating program can be created, tested and optimised step by step. A position correction as well as a scan of the DMC code of the module located in the system can be carried out via the Fiducial camera, guaranteeing traceability. This is particularly important with respect to traceability and MES connections.

Simple program selection through product management with preview

Process locking, traceability & co. for a detailed process documentation

Depending on the production environment, the ProtectoXP can be optionally connected to an MES in various ways. Any combination of the various configuration stages of production data acquisition (PDA), traceability, process locking and material locking ensures flexible production. The ProtectoXP can be optionally connected to a line master computer or an MES. Depending on the configuration, various data is communicated between MES and ProtectoXP. An interface specially designed by Rehm (ROI – Rehm Open Interface) is used. On the one hand, this means a high degree of standardisation; on the other hand, customer-specific adaptation can be carried out without problems. To identify the module, an ID-reader (bar code, DMC, RFID) is installed on the conveyor belt in front of the system and connected to the Protecto control. Optionally, the identification can also be carried out via the MES. This ensures absolute process reliability through process locking and can guarantee seamless documentation by means of unique data records for each module.



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