The pre-chamber of the CondensoX-Line is hermetically sealed and can be flushed with nitrogen. This provides an optimal atmosphere and leads to a reliable soldering process. This pre-inertisation increases the reliability of the solder joint by prevention of the oxidation of the mico-structure parameters.

Process chamber

A defined quantity of an inert fluid (usually perfluorpolyether) is vaporized during reflow soldering in the process chamber, which is hermetically sealed by means of a bulkhead. The vapor allows for extremely effective heat transfer to the PCBs due to the release of heat during condensation, and the temperature of the medium remains constant. In addition to this, the medium’s boiling point limits the maximum soldering temperature so that the PCBs cannot be damaged due to overheating. This, as well as the ability to control the volume of injected liquid and intermediate exhaust of the vapor, also makes it possible to precisely adjust the temperature/reflow profile of the PCB. Flawlessly reproducible soldering results are thus guaranteed, which minimizes scrap rates.

Cooling chamber

After the soldering process the PCB‘s are cooled down in the  cooling chamber. With a nozzle field the cold process gas (eg. N2) flows to the PCB‘s. Then, the process gas is cooled by water cooler and fed back into the process. The cooling process takes place in an inert atmosphere at a value of ≤ 100 ppm of residual oxygen, thus protecting copper for subsequent bonding processes.

Medium recycling

The exhaustet Galden is filtered and impurities are removed. Afterwards the  cleaned fluid is placed at the disposal for further soldering processes in a tank. Due to the fact that the process chamber is hermetically sealed, only minimal loss results from vaporization during the soldering process. Medium consumption, as well as costs, are thus significantly reduced.


Advantages for your manufacturing process:

  • Fluid filtering and Recycling
  • Minimal loss results from vaporization in the process chamber
  • Drastic reduction of fluid consumption
  • Environmental friendly
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