Why vacuum?

Void-free soldering with lead-free solders is an important prerequisite for the production of power electronics. However, minimal void rates are only possible with soldering processes which subject the molten solder to a vacuum, making it easier for any remaining residues to escape from the solder joints. For this reason, the Condenso is equipped with a vacuum pump. This results in solder joints with surface contact ratios of up to 99 % in many cases.

In addition to the vacuum process during the melting phase, vacuum can also be applied before starting with the soldering process itself. This allows not only an uniformly distribution of the Galden vapour in the process room but the evaporation of the solvents of the paste. Furthermore, besides the temperature the atmosphere  can be varied over the total residence time in the process chamber.

Optimized results thanks to vacuum!

There are lots of applications, for example in the field of component manufacturing for power electronics, in which low void rates are specified.  However, such low void rates can only be realized with soldering processes by means of which the molten solder is subjected to a vacuum. This, as well, is no problem for the CondensoX product range – with just two additional steps: vacuum generation during the melting phase and an option for pre-vacuum prior to the actual soldering process, thus making it possible to achieve void-free solder joints in just five steps.

without vacuum

with vacuum

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