A patented principle with clear-cut advantages

A defined quantity of fluid (usually perfluorpolyether) is vaporized during operation in the process chamber, which is hermetically sealed by means of a bulkhead.  The vapor allows for extremely effective heat transfer to the PCBs due to the release of heat during condensation. The temperature of the medium remains constant. In addition to this, the medium’s boiling point limits the maximum soldering temperature so that the PCBs cannot be damaged due to overheating. This, as well as the ability to control the volume of injected liquid and intermediate exhaust of the vapor, also makes it possible to precisely adjust the temperature/reflow profile of the PCB. Flawlessly reproducible soldering results are thus guaranteed, which increases process stability.



Efficient cooling

Cooling process CondensoX

After the soldering process, the PCB can be advanced out of the process chamber for cooling. Here you’re provided with the option of reducing the standard air cooling temperature to a constant low level with the help of water. This makes it possible to cool the PCB absolutely uniformly, and above all more quickly. Furthermore, the machine’s ambient temperature is not significantly increased.

  • Standard: air cooling
  • Option: water cooling for quick and compliant cool-down

Medium recycling

Medium recycling

A partial vacuum is generated when the vapor is drawn off, assuring quick drying of the PCBs. The vapor is cooled down after it has been drawn off. After it has condensed, it’s filtered and impurities are removed. The fluid is then returned to the soldering process. Due to the fact that the process chamber is hermetically sealed, only minimal loss results from vaporization during the soldering process. Medium consumption, as well as costs, are thus significantly reduced.

Advantages for your manufacturing process:


  • Hermetically sealed process chamber
  • Medium filtering and reuse
  • Drastically reduced medium consumption
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable