User-friendly software

Visu 2 includes process tools, remote maintenance and connection options for a barcode scanner. It features an intuitive user interface which considerably reduces the effort required for setup and operator training. Complete documentation can be accessed with just a few clicks. Visu 2 also provides password-protected administration with several access levels, language selection, data logging and maintenance reports.

WPS - Wireless Profiling

The wireless profiling system (WPS) is a temperature measuring system which can be used for wireless acquisition of the reflow profile without a separate power supply. Thermocouples and data loggers with tracking are thus rendered unnecessary. By means of the integrated evaluation unit and with the help of simple test PCBs, the temperature profile can be continuously monitored in an uncomplicated fashion and documented, e.g. for the substantiation of quality.

Additional Tools

  • Comprehensive online documentation
  • Multilingual software
  • Data logging
  • Import/export protocol
  • Maintenance protocol
  • Barcode interface
  • Process disabling
  • Remote maintenance