Automatic loading for high-speed applications

Automatic loading CondesoXP HS

In the case of the CondensoXP variant, the loading axis is laid out such that it’s suitable for hook up to an automated loading unit. The CondensoXP HS has a second loading axis for high throughput, making it possible to reload the process chamber with the first axis while the workpiece carrier cools down on the second axis at the same time. This system is perfect for use in high-speed production lines. The maximum dimensions of the goods to be soldered are 650 x 650 x 95 mm. The workpiece carrier can be equipped with up to 6 lanes and has a fixed side-panel which serves as a starting point, as well as five adjustable crosspieces.

PCBs are transported strictly horizontally through the soldering system. The PCB is stationary during the vapor process. In this way, components cannot be shifted out of place while the solder is molten. This significant disadvantage of conventional vapor phase soldering systems, for which continuous vertical motion of the PCB is required during soldering, has been eliminated as a result. The scrap rate is reduced – along with your costs.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Horizontal transport
  • The PCBs are stationary during the entire process.
  • A high-speed handling system is available as an option.