The cooling tract: Flexible – Efficient – High Performance

Our well-designed cooling system permits flexible manufacturing and best possible soldering results.
Depending on system type, the VisionXP+ is equipped with a 2, 3 or 4-stage cooling tract. The separately controllable fans in the individual zones allow for accurate control of the cooling process, and cooling gradients can be correspondingly influenced as well. This assure stress-free cooling for your PCBs to below 50° C, for lead-free soldering as well.

The cooling tract filters are easy to clean. They’re exchanged in sets at the back of the system. The process chamber doesn’t even have to be opened.

Extended cooling tract

Extended Cooling Tract

Especially in the case of large, high-mass and sensitive PCBs, normal cooling power may be inadequate for compliance with the specified cooling gradients. In this case, a controllable cooling system is required which meets the respective requirements.
In addition to our time-tested standard cooling tract, we can extend the cooling zones or install additional bottom cooling.

Bottom cooling

Extended Cooling Tract

With its bottom cooling function, the VisionXP+ is responding to precisely these needs and is making it easy to effectively cool sensitive, large and heavy PCBs. The fans for the bottom cooling function can be flexibly adjusted. As a result, you can ideally adapt cooling parameters at the VisionXP+ to your PCB. Low outlet temperatures eliminate the need for additional cooling, for example an outlet conveyor with fans, even for high-mass PCBs.
Twisting and warping of PCBs, in particular with inhomogeneously distributed copper layers, can thus be prevented.

Cooling tract variants

Cooling tract variants

An ideally laid out cooling tract and outstanding cooling performance assure stress-free cooling for your PCBs, even for lead-free soldering processes.  

  • Stress-free cooling to below 50° C with separately controllable fans in the cooling zones
  • Optimum cooling of large masses with additional bottom cooling
  • Gentle cooling for components through the use of an extended cooling tract
  • Flexible combination of various cooling options



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