From zero to 240 °C: optimized, homogenous heat transfer

Each product has its own requirements in the manufacturing process. Optimized heat transfer over the entire soldering process is the basis for best possible results.
The VisionXP+ offers flexibly controllable preheating zones within which your PCB is preheated and prepared for the actual soldering process. The individual zones can be controlled independently of each other via fan frequency, and assure best possible processes. The VisionXP+ is equipped with special nozzle sheets for optimized heat transfer by means of uniform air flow over the PCBs.



Optimized heat transfer with minimal ΔT

Flow speeds in the upper and lower heat zones can be separately controlled, assuring that your PCB is heated up through and through – completely and uniformly. This prevents stressing of the material which can disturb the soldering process. Through the use of precision profiling, we’re able to perfectly match our systems to your requirements, and you profit from top quality soldering results.
A great advantage for your manufacturing process!

A great advantage for your manufacturing process!

The Highlight at the SMT 2014 - VisionXP +

  • Reproducible temperature profile thanks to ideal zone separation
  • Outstanding process stability with the smallest possible ΔT
  • Homogenous heat input over the entire PCB thanks to specially designed orifice nozzles
  • Optimized soldering results through the use of separately controllable heat zones
  • Ideal heat transfer thanks to minimal clearance between the PCB and the nozzle sheet
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