A clean machine: effective Residue Management

Pyrolysis Schematic

“Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall” – as is the case with all industrial processes, substances are generated during SMT production which have to be removed from the process cycle because they contaminate the system. Substances (residues) such as soldering vapors, soldering smoke and other organic compounds are emitted from the solder paste, the PCB and the components. Our highly effective residue management function purifies the process gas safely and reliably, and keeps your system clean. This provides for top quality soldering results, minimal downtime and a long service life for the machine. The residue management function included in the VisionXP+ combines two different modes of action: pyrolysis in the heat zone and cold condensation in the cooling tract’s filter units. Liquid and crystalline residues are effectively removed by means of this combination.

Effective pyrolysis at 500 °C

Before Cracking | After Cracking

Residues are separated with the help of a special granulate during pyrolysis. Long molecular chains are broken down (cracked) into smaller elements by means of thermal fission. Temperatures ranging from 500 to 900 °C are required to this end. Afterwards, the molecular chains are small enough to be taken up by the granulate and removed from the production process. The granulate only needs to be changed once a year, making the pyrolysis unit easy to maintain – and you profit from minimal downtime. Your manufacturing processes continue to run smoothly.

Liquid residues condense above all on the cooling tract’s filter units, by which they are then removed. The system is easy to clean. The filters are exchanged in sets at the back of the system. The process chamber doesn’t even have to be opened.

Twice the power with two pyrolysis units

In order to make your manufacturing system even more efficient, the VisionXP+ is optionally available with double pyrolysis. Your system’s cleaning efficiency is significantly increased. The first pyrolysis unit is located underneath the inlet area. It purifies the nitrogen from the preheating zones. The second pyrolysis unit is installed beneath the outlet area and filters the process gas from the peak zones. Cleaning efficiency is significantly increased for the process gas and the soldering system’s chambers are kept clean and dry with very little maintenance and minimal downtime.

Advantages of VisionXP+ Residue Management

Filter/cooler units

  • The system is kept clean and dry in the inlet area, as well as in the preheating and peak zones
  • Double pyrolysis for increased cleaning effectiveness (optional)
  • Minimal maintenance: the pyrolysis unit is entirely maintenance-free for a full year
  • Long granulate service life (roughly one year)
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