Getting safely from A to B: flexible conveyor systems

Lead-Free and Lead-Containing Processes in a Single System

Your PCB passes through various system segments during the soldering process: from the preheating zone to the peak zone, and finally to the cooling tract. The most important factor for continuous processing is reliable conveyance. Our systems provide users with a flexible conveyor.

Whether large or small, thick or thin, long or short – our conveyor systems can be ideally adapted to your PCB. Conveyor lanes and transport speed are flexibly adjustable. In this way, the VisionXP+ makes lead-free or lead-containing soldering processes possible in a single reflow system.

Conveyor variants

Various conveyor options are available depending on system configuration:

  • Single-lane conveyor
  • Two-lane conveyor (synchronous, asynchronous)
  • Quad-lane conveyor
  • Multi-track conveyor

With or without center support – the choice is yours!

Double Leaf-Chain Center Support

In the case of large PCBs or flexible substrates, the center support prevents sagging during the reflow process, thus assuring high levels of process stability. The temperature profile is not influenced by the center support – a further factor which contributes to a stable process.If the center support is not required, it can be lowered to a parking position in close proximity to the first conveyor rail.



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