Only as much as actually necessary: controlled nitrogen regulation

Nitrogen offers an ideal process atmosphere for the soldering process. As an inert gas, it doesn’t chemically interact with other substances. Oxidation, corrosion and undesirable influences on the material are prevented.

We offer numerous features for energy-efficient manufacturing. For example, by measuring residual oxygen in the process chamber at regular intervals, you can precisely control the working atmosphere and consistently maintain the desired ppm level. As a result, only as much gas as is actually needed is fed to the process, thus making it possible to reduce nitrogen consumption. Nitrogen control is advisable for flexible SMD production lines with variable loading scenarios and conveyor widths.

Smallest possible ΔT – optimized heat transfer

process chamber

Heat transfer has been significantly optimized for the VisionXS through the use of 2, 3 or 4 peak zones. Minimal distance between the nozzle sheets and the conveyor, as well as separately adjustable flow rates for the upper and lower heat zones, assure that the PCBs are heated up in an extremely uniform fashion. Stressing within the PCBs is thus minimized and related soldering defects are reduced.

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