Maintenance just once a year? Pyrolysis makes it possible!

Substances are released from the PCBs, the solder paste and the components during production with modern SMT manufacturing lines, and these can lead to contamination of the soldering system and must therefore be filtered out of the process gas. Modern ovens with nitrogen atmosphere are equipped with so-called residue management systems which recirculate process gas within the system and purify it.

The residue management system included with the VisionXS combines pyrolysis in the preheating and peak zones with cold condensation in the cooling zone. In this way, both liquid residues (in particular the formation of droplets) and crystalline residues can be drastically reduced.

Pyrolysis is laid out so that cleaning is only required once a year – this results in long maintenance cycles and a clean, dry process chamber.



Efficient cracking at 500 °C

Molecule After Cracking

Molecule Before Cracking