Clever, foolproof software: extremely easy operating concepts

Our software solutions assure precise retraceability of all processes. The Visu 2 includes process and product traceability tools, remote maintenance and a comprehensive product library. It features an intuitive user interface which considerably reduces the effort required for setup and operator training. Complete documentation can be accessed with just a few clicks. The Visu 2 also provides password-protected administration with several access levels, language selection, data logging and maintenance reports.

Process and product traceability is handled by means of barcode management and logging of all relevant process parameters with time stamp.

RPI - Reflow Process Inspection

KIC-Probe temperatue sensors

RPI – Reflow Process Inspection

Reflow process inspection (RPI) supplies continuous information indicating to what extent the reflow profile complies with the specified requirements. It also offers support in creating the ideal profile based on available specifications for solder pastes and reflow ovens, and makes it possible to create one’s own solder joint and component specifications as well.

Numerous software features

  • Multilingual software  
  • Data logging   
  • Import/export protocol   
  • Maintenance protocol
  • RPI – reflow process inspection
  • Barcode interface
  • Process disabling
  • Traceability
  • Product management
  • Remote maintenance