A stable conveyor system reduces maintenance and downtime.

Our flexible system saves you money. Thanks to a continuous process based on absolutely reliable conveyance, and by locating the mechanical system outside of the process chamber, contamination is minimized and maintenance and downtime are reduced. The conveyor system has been laid out in accordance with requirements specified for future placement machines and optionally for a maximum width of 508 mm.

The optionally available center support makes it possible to process large panel formats. An additional advantage for flexible manufacturing!

Various conveyor options are available depending on system configuration:

  • Single-lane conveyor
  • Two-lane conveyor (synchronous, asynchronous)
  • Four-lane conveyor
  • Multi-track conveyor

A great advantage for your manufacturing process

Center support for stable conveyance through the oven

  • Reliable, disturbance-free production thanks to absolutely parallel conveyance
  • Highly accurate adjustment of conveyor width with good repetition accuracy
  • No influence on the temperature profile caused by the conveyor or the center support
  • Maintenance is minimized by keeping the mechanical system outside of the process chamber
  • Ideal for any application thanks to variable conveyor systems
  • Outstanding process reliability assured by integrated center support
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