Flexible loading

Goods carrier with flexible width setting to accommodate circuit boards with different transport widths

Alteco with automatic product carrier adjustment allows simultaneous drying of two different painted boards within a single system. Different sizes, e.g. from two paint lines, can be conveyed to the oven in no particular order. The product carrier width is automatically set to the width of the product. This means that several production lines with different products can be covered by one vertical stove.

Vertical stacking principle

Vertical stacking principle in the process towers for receiving the goods carriers

Alteco lets goods be stacked on the product carrier form and force-locked without using chains. No lubricant is therefore needed in the transport system. The risk of steaming the assemblies with oil mist is completely eliminated.

Segmented cooling tract

Segmented cooling tract with automatic width adjustment for each zone for the processing of different circuit board sizes

Alteco’s downstream cooling section ensures the best assembly cooling. This is a cascaded, 3-part cooling section. Depending on the product range, the transport units are prepared including the downstream cooling section. This enables seamless product change. The vertical dryer or cooling section does not need emptying.

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