Efficient systems for front-end and back-end applications

RDS Solar for back-end

The RDS process chamber consists of a highly stable stainless steel housing. The heating system is made up of individually configurable zones which are heated with IR radiators. Reflective sheet metal panels above and below the goods on the conveyor belt assure uniform heat reflection within the process chamber. Our RDS Drying Systems for Backend processes are laid out for temperatures up to 300 °C.

RDS HTX for front- and back-end

A homogenous heat input into the wafers up to 450 °C is ensured thanks to the user of convection heating and a clever air circulation concept. The RDS HTX version, has been qualified for the Innovalight Cougar Platform to achieve monocrystalline solar cells with efficiency up to 19%.

Clever solutions for easy maintenance!

The system is designed for great ease of maintenance. The top section of the chamber is equipped with a lifting motor which allows for simple opening and easy access to the inside of the chamber. The integrated, reflective sheet metal panels can be quickly removed, cleaned and replaced whenever necessary.
The radiator units are secured by means of an insertion opening in the system, and can be removed without great difficulty by dismantling the cover panels and insulation material.

Excellent heat transfer for best drying processes

Different temperatures at the same transport speed

Transport speed 2000 - 6000 mm/min