99,9 % reduced VOC – The Thermal Oxidizer allows for it!

The Rehm Thermal Systems VOC counter-flow reactor (CFR), an advancement of the award-winning Thermal Oxidizer, is a very efficient exhaust after treatment system, for many different processes where the gas is loaded with high solvent (VOC) concentrations.

Destruction rates greater than 99 % can be achieved with the Rehm CFR. Therefor the exhaust gas is heated to about 750 °C. At this temperature the molecule chains of the VOC`s are cracked to mainly CO2 and water vapor. Due to the integrated heat recovery system, a highly efficient emission control and a very low energy consumption can be achieved. This gives lowest cost of ownership and compliance with the increasingly strict emission limits in legal environmental regulations. For this reason our excellent system guarantees a sustainable and efficient production.

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