Best quality for best solar cells

Rehm’s new fast firing systems for typical mono and polycrystalline solar cell manufacturing are distinguished by their outs tanding quality, and by a modular design which allows for various production line layouts. The Rehm Fast Firing Systems are available as Fast Firing System RFS as well as with an integrated dryer as RFS-D. The low-maintenance concept used for these systems, as well as low energy consumption, high throughput levels and intelligent software solutions, set these top quality system for metallization lines apart from the competition. All systems are equipped with shortwave IR radiators for heating at the top and bottom. Solar cell metallization is thus carried out with greatest possible process reliabilityRehm solar systems are designed to the highest quality requirements and produced based on decades of experience in the field of thermal system solutions.


Unique technology benefits

  • Lowest possible breakage rates
  • Maximum process reliability
  • High throughput levels
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Highly efficient solar cells

Award-winning technology: Solar Award "Excellent Product"

Energy efficiency and the sustainable use of resources are a central point of our company philosophy. We combine in the manufacture of our systems quality, energy-saving technologies with the requirements of a modern manufacturing company. With our environmentally friendly concept and the excellent deposition results, the technology implemented in our Thermal Oxidizer was already awarded in 2011 with the Solar Award in the category "Excellence" (Product).



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