Single or dual lane – always safe through the system

The RFS offers a flexible conveyor system for a great variety of feed requirements. For example, different belt widths and belt types are available. A triple lane conveyor allows for throughput rates of up to 5700 wafers per hour with a top speed of 6800 mm per minute. All RFS belts are available with stand-offs.

Outstanding workmanship and top quality belt materials, as well as the use of quartz rods for belt guidance, assure low-vibration conveyance of the wafers. Thanks to good high temperature resistance offered by nickel-chromium V, the conveyor unit easily withstands operating temperatures of up to 1000° C which occur during the firing process.

Divided transport system

Divided transport RFS

The separate belt systems for the firing zone and the cooling zone are an additional advantage. This results in minimal heat carry-over into the cooling zone, and thus quick cooling of the wafers after the firing process. With separate conveyor belts, the outlet temperature of the wafers is less than 40° C, and thus considerably lower than temperatures for continuous belts.

In addition to this, energy consumption for wafer cooling is reduced by 2 kW thanks to the separate conveyor units, and operating costs are reduced as a consequence.

Stand-offs for safe wafer transport

The horizontal throughput ovens guarantee a safe transport through the oven optionally with mesh belt, teflon belt or pin chain for single or dual lane. The mesh belt is avaible with several belt stand-offs for secure transport of the wafers.

Ceramic stand-offs

Edge stand-offs

Welded stand-offs

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