Safely at the right quality ­– with Securo systems from Rehm

Testing and measuring methods are increasingly becoming standard in the automotive industry in particular, for analysing the resistance of integrated parts and increasing the service life of electronic components in the long term. Any failure or series fault is associated with high costs and far-reaching consequences.

Rehm Thermal Systems developed the Securo Plus system for the hot function test and Securo Minus for the cold function test. The systems operate in normal air or in nitrogen atmospheres.

To test the winter performance of sensitive electronics, functional modules are first cooled to temperatures of -45 °C. However, to simulate the installation environment in a vehicle, the modules are heated to +80 °C to +120 °C.

The Securo systems are highly compatible with other measuring equipment. This allows extensive function monitoring and secure quality control. The best analysis and documentation tools provide for transparent processes.


Unique technology advantages

  • Analysis of resistance of sensitive electronics in extreme temperatures  
  • Optimal combinations of systems with other measuring Equipment
  • Excellent insulation values due to foamed housing
  • Excellent heating or cooling capacity
  • Sealed compressor for low noise Level
  • Easy access and minimal maintenance
  • Systems available as batch or in-line variant