The fuel cell: energy concept of the future?

As early as 1870, Jules Verne wrote of the fuel cell: “Water is the coal of the future. Tomorrow's energy is water that has been decomposed by electricity. The elements of water, hydrogen and oxygen decomposed in this manner will secure the earth’s energy supply far into the future.”

Renewable energies are the future of modern production. The fuel cell can be used to produce new energy out of hydrogen from renewable resources. This technology offers a wide range of applications and new dimensions in environmentally conscious resource management. Fuel cells are highly efficient and make it possible use renewable energy for mobility. Regenerative hydrogen can be stored long term and very effective.

Clear trend: Hydrogen and fuel cell technology are rapidly becoming a key technology for a sustainable mobility and energy supply.


The concept of the fuel cell

Battery technology and energy storage

The battery is both one of the oldest storage options and one of the most reliable sources of energy, while still offering great potential for innovative developments today. The best example is the use of new battery generations in the field of e-mobility. Assemblies for electric drive units, automated testing and integrated production lines for stationary and mobile battery storage systems are only some of the promising ideas for tomorrow’s battery production. However, process stability at higher production throughput, scalability, sustainability, and quality improvement while reducing costs are still major challenges.

New energy – new mobility

The average German covers a distance of 39 kilometres per day. The use of electric cars could help us reach our destination in a more cost-effective and above all environmentally-friendly way. Vehicle manufacturers have long recognised that the industry needs to rethink – and e-mobility could help us do so.

Electric mobility is a key factor in successfully undertaking a cross-sector, comprehensive energy transition. The technical implementation of sustainable energy in vehicle technology is already being used in electric cars, electric motorcycles or fuel cell powered city buses, for example. Compared to the conventional internal combustion engine, the use of electric mobility offers clear advantages.

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