Conformal Coating in focus

Technology is our passion. We would like to share our experiences with you. Because of this we organise themed days that concentrate on a specific aspect of reflow soldering technology or coating or drying processes and are linked to the capacities of our systems. We regularly offer events, for example, on void-free soldering, or alternatively we address global trends such as component miniaturisation or matters such as energy and resource management.  For our Conformal Coating day we also organise a forum to highlight the importance of protective coatings for PCBs.

A professional protective coating of assemblies extends the life of technical products and increases the quality of electronic devices. Conformal coating is the key to modern and reliable manufacturing, especially in the field of sensitive electronics such as in aviation and space technology, medicine, power electronics and the automotive industry. Our systems create a reliable protection of the electronic contacts from moisture, corrosion, dirt and other environmental influences. 

We would be pleased to welcome you at our next events.

Event duration: 1 day

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