Top-quality soldering equipment for the best results

Do you need to know in advance which soldering process is best for your production needs or which system ideally suits your production environment? At the Rehm Technology Center we give live demonstrations of the various soldering processes on location on our systems. Rehm Thermal Systems is the only manufacturer to offer all thermal processes for heat transfer. Clients can choose within our product portfolio from systems based on convection, condensation, infra-red or contact heat. Our applications experts are on hand to help you select the most suitable equipment or to draw up individual process parameters.

Additionally, a complete coating line for selective conformal coating is available with optional vacuum module for underfill processes for optimising the protection of modules from environmental influences.

Thanks to the cooperation of our partners, extensive soldering tests can be carried out in the machine area of our Technology Center, where entire production lines are available for testing, from paste printers through placement machines to reflow soldering systems and various drying, transporting and handling systems.

Templates for solder paste printing

We have high-quality laser templates from Christian Koenen GmbH that offer exceptional precision for solder paste printing. These provide the ideal conditions for production methods such as printing, say, BGA or particularly small components of the 03015 and 01005 sizes. The precision of the templates and our technical know-how provide you with your tool for precise manufacturing.

Paste printers

Applying the solder paste with precision is the basis of a reliable and good-quality soldering process. Our partner EKRA specialises in high-performance screen and stencil printing systems and for quality products related to the printing process overall. Its portfolio extends from manual laboratory printers to fully automated inline systems that can be optimally integrated into Rehm’s system concept.

Placement system

Wherever the highest placement performance and absolute precision are required, such as for the production of mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops and LED equipment, ASM Assembly Systems is considered the benchmark among manufacturers. Their equipment forms a good complement to our soldering systems. You can select between different versions depending on module and PCB size.

Handling system

The handling systems of our long-standing partner Asys are modular in design and extremely flexible in application. These systems offer versatile loading, unloading, stacking, transporting, rotating/turning and buffering options to ensure that the module passes securely through the plant prior to, during and after soldering.

Cleaning system

Kolb Cleaning Technology specialises in cleaning systems for electronics manufacturing. As well as cleaning printing screens and templates, these systems are ideally suited to removing SMD paste, adhesives, flux, oil, dust or grease from modules or solder frames. The Rehm Technology Center features a powerful, fully automated all-in-one system capable of reliably performing even the most detailed cleaning tasks.

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