We combine our technical expertise with your innovative ideas.

Our Technology Center offers you, with the support of our partners, a wide range of equipment for module testing for all application areas. Our on-site specialists will be happy to answer your questions about the reflow process and help you with a wide range of soldering tests. In addition, ancillary equipment is available to you for analysing and documenting your individual test results. With these options we are able to focus flexibly on our clients’ wishes, since every product places different requirements on the production process. It is thus possible, for example, to refine parameters such as the preheating time, temperature control and cooling time, to detect and minimise voids in the joints and to create optimal temperature profiles, ensuring that you profit from the best soldering results in the long term.

Partners share in everything. Above all, success!

From the template through the solder paste printer to the placement machine and the soldering system, all components of the electronics manufacturing process play an important role in achieving best results. We can master the challenges together. We have therefore worked for many years with other experienced and competent companies in the industry that share their strengths with us. At this point we therefore sincerely thank our partner companies who have provided us with extensive testing equipment for the complete production line demonstrations in our Technology Center and who support us at trade fairs, events, seminars and technology days with talks and technical know-how.



Till Stegel, Sales Manager Electronics at Yxlon, with the X-ray inspection.

Urs Ackermann, Sales and Applications Director for ZEVAC, demonstrating the rework station at the Rehm Technology Center.

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