In search of the true costs

In the context of the current economic environment, companies of course also need to think about where they can make savings when purchasing their manufacturing equipment. Rehm’s “Total Cost of Ownership” program provides answers to these challenges. It aims to help companies to reduce their operating costs over the long term and maximise profitability. 


Advantages of the “Total Cost of Ownership” program

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved location efficiency and minimised downtime
  • Control over the cost and performance of your reflow System
  • Budget control

We realise that investing in a machine requires taking more into account than just the one-off purchase cost. What daily operating costs are taken into account? How can production be optimised for saving resources? And how often is maintenance required?

Boost your production efficiency with systems from Rehm. Our systems are equipped with several features like optimum insulation, best heating and cooling performance and stand-by mode, which protect both your pocket book and the environment on a sustainable and long term basis. Effective heat recovery allows you to use the waste heat of your production line for the in-house hot water supply, cooling regulation or backup heating, for example. Our after sales management staff is happy to advise you on additional ways of using our systems for energy-efficient production. 

Low maintenance costs

The design of our reflow equipment is extremely compact and sophisticated down to the smallest detail. We use sustainable materials and durable components - so that your production runs properly and smoothly. This makes our systems very low maintenance and your operating costs remain manageable. Your production line can run smoothly and properly with minimal downtime. We ensure that your system is working reliably, even when used to capacity. When it comes to regular maintenance of the machine or of individual components, such as pyrolysis products, our service technicians are there for you.