Energy efficiency – We care about the environment

The field of energy is one of the most relevant topics affecting the economy. Regardless of whether we are talking about competitiveness, social responsibility or cost savings, managing energy usage is one of the most complex challenges for all companies nowadays.

As an international company, Rehm Thermal Systems acts on its responsibility to implement sustainable resource management. Environmental awareness means taking responsibility for our products throughout their entire life cycle.

Save the future: Working to protect nature and our climate 
Our energy use concept combines efficient technologies and expertise with the demands of a modern manufacturing company. Here tradition meets globalisation – we use raw materials from local suppliers to create systems that hold their ground on the global market. Low material consumption, reliable recycling of the recyclable materials and short transport pathways – i.e. we manufacture in Germany for Europe and in China for the Asian market – make Rehm stand out from the crowd. High-quality, durable systems with low energy consumption and minimal emissions are the foundation of our system development and manufacturing. Both the environment and our customers profit from our work!

Certified quality
Rehm Thermal Systems and its subsidiary Rehm BlechTec have been regularly certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2004. We also plan and design all our machines with CE conformity in accordance with machinery directives. We are regularly certified in the energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1 and have now set another milestone towards climate neutrality for Rehm Thermal Systems GbmH with the introduction of the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.


For years now, the Rehm Group has been striving to record and continuously improve all significant consumers and areas of consumption. This is also reflected in the Rehm Climate Strategy 2030.

The climate strategy of the Rehm Group forms the basis for an even more conscious use of energy, resources and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in the company. It combines efficient technologies and know-how with the requirements of a modern manufacturing company. This is where tradition meets globalisation. 

Think global – act local

Using raw materials from suppliers in the region, systems are manufactured that successfully compete on the world market. Low material consumption, reliable recycling of recyclable materials and short transport routes are what set Rehm apart.  

Green electricity and CO2-neutral nitrogen

In future, the company headquarters of Rehm Thermal Systems as well as the subsidiary Rehm BlechTec in Blaubeuren will, among other things, exclusively obtain “green electricity” from certified hydroelectric power plants, i.e. electricity from regenerative generation. By switching from conventional nitrogen to a CO2-neutral alternative, approx. 95 t of CO2 are also saved annually. By comparison, this corresponds to a distance of approx. 450,020 km travelled by a medium-sized diesel car. 

Raising employee awareness

Further training of trainees to become energy scouts as well as regular energy training of staff will be additional building blocks to achieve energy savings. 

Environmentally friendly product development

At Rehm, environmental protection begins with the idea for a new plant. Our development engineers are concerned with future-oriented, sustainable solutions for innovative products. Together with scientific institutes, universities, customers and partners, we develop concepts for product optimisation and further development, especially with regard to energy management and resource conservation. Today, our customers already benefit significantly from the use of efficient technologies in our plants and can thus work sustainably and economically. 


Making the most of savings potential

By improving lighting management with the installation of LED lighting systems in the production halls, improved heat recovery and the optimisation of the compressed air supply, internal electricity consumption in these areas will be significantly reduced.  

Expansion of renewable energies

The expansion of renewable energies is being promoted at the sites in order to have a self-sufficient power supply in the future

Substitution of hazardous substances

In order to optimise the management of hazardous substances, the experts are continuously looking for ways to reduce the amount of hazardous substances used in production and to switch to environmentally friendly materials.

Transparency in environmental matters – we are a member of CDP

Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH discloses its impact on climate change and/or forests and/or water security through the CDP platform, a global non-profit organization that operates the world's leading environmental disclosure platform. CDP drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, secure water resources, and protect forests. In 2021, more than 13,000 companies with over 64% of global market capitalization disclosed environmental data through CDP. In addition, more than 1,100 cities, states and regions have disclosed their data. This makes the CDP platform one of the richest sources of information in the world on how companies and governments are driving environmental change.


Quote from David Lammers, Deputy Director Corporate Engagement, CDP Europe:  

"The scientific consensus on the need for urgent action on climate change has never been clearer. And this decade's ambition will determine how well we protect our natural resources and avoid the worst impacts of global climate change. As policymakers and businesses continue to develop strategies for conservation and a low-carbon transition, the availability of reliable and comparable data will remain critical. By disclosing to CDP in 2021, Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH has demonstrated its commitment to corporate environmental transparency and made an important contribution to an economy that works for both people and the planet."