Your vision is our mission!

For the developers at Rehm there is no such word as standstill. Research is an integral part of the company philosophy. In close cooperation with customers, institutes and universities, we have stayed true to our company philosophy, taking an innovative approach and creatively implementing new products, for 25 years. 

The team around Dr. Hans Bell, Head of Development, is working on numerous development projects together with various research organisations and institutes. Our research efforts are supported by both self-funded bilateral projects and government-sponsored collaborative projects.

Thanks to our good networking in the market and the research community, we are able to recognise trends in a timely manner and leverage them to come up with new system concepts.

Development concept at Rehm

Excellent research and development

The Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany honoured Rehm with the seal of approval “Innovative through Research” for the realisation of exceptional innovation, a special acknowledgement for the development team. This shows that Rehm leverages scientific projects to provide an important contribution to innovative growth.

We look forward to working with you to develop a manufacturing solution for your application in the electronics and solar industry!


Dr. Hans Bell 
Manager Research and Development    
T +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 614
F +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 660

Annick Vernet 
Assistant Research and Development 
T +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 614 
F +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 660

Paul Wild
Deputy Head of Research and Development
T +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 774
F +49 (0) 73 44 - 96 06 660

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