Rehm Hungary

Rehm Hungary, based in Szendehely, provides support for all Rehm products in Hungary and Romania. Founded in 1999, Managing Director Josef Virsinger and his service team offer fast response times at national level.   

Rehm Hundary disposes of a wide range of spare parts, so we can organize the right parts, anythime they are needed and thus provide optimal support for our customers.

Moreover we offer trainings for our customers in national language or english language. Please feel free to contact us, if you need a technical consulting or if we can support you in the maintenance of the System.

Rehm Hungaria, kft
Sales and Service
General Manager: Josef Virsinger
Founded: 1999

Rehm Hungária
Kerekedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
Váci út 13
2640 Szendehely,Hungary
T +36 (0) 35 - 57 60 10
F +36 (0) 35 - 57 60 11
M +36 (0) 30 - 22 13 793

Rehm Czech Republic

Located in Príbor, Rehm Czech Republic provides support for Rehm systems in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and parts of Poland. Our service is available every day, so that we can offer local Support to our customers at all times.

In Príbor we manage also a range of spare parts, including heating elements, thermocouples, chains, sensors and other mechanical and electrical components. Our Service technicians are contact for all questions about your System - whether it's to repair or annual check.

We offer the possibilities of system documentation and software in the languages of the countries we serve. Thus we offer many of our customer training events not only in German or English but also in Czech. You can go into greater depth by attending various seminars and workshops at our German headquarters in Blaubeuren.

Would you like more information? Please contact us or get to know Rehm Czech Republic on one of our regional exhibitions or Events.

Rehm Ceská republika s.r.o.
Sales and Service
General Manager: Milan Hurban
Founded: 2001

Rehm Ceská republika s.r.o.
Námestí S. Freuda 4
742 58 Príbor, Czech Republic
M +420 606 766 294

Rehm Russia

Rehm Thermal Systems is expanding its operations in Russia in order to offer customers comprehensive product consultation and rapid service locally, while taking the best advantage of new potential in the market. The specialist in thermal system solutions for the electronics and solar industry opened its own branch in Moscow in December 2015. Before that, a distributor was responsible for looking after our Russian customers. We are pleased to announce that Mikhail Kuzhelev will be the direct Rehm contact partner for sales and service.

The Russian electronics market is currently abuzz mainly with the growing interest in safe reflow soldering procedures, vacuum technology and reliable equipment for coating sensitive assemblies. Rehm intends to develop new strategies and offer suitable systems to satisfy this interest in the future.

«Rehm RUS» LLC
Sales Manager: Mikhail Kuzhelev 
Founded: 2015

«Rehm RUS» LLC
3-y Maryinoy Roshchi pr-d, No. 40,
str.1, space II, room 22
127018 Moscow, Russia
T +7 499 394 3054
M +7 999 768 7618

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