Together. For each other. With each other.

As a company with global activities we assume social responsibility, making our social engagement a significant aspect of our company culture. The Rehm Group supports social projects in various areas.


To be able to master the challenges of tomorrow, a person must be fit – in every sense. Rehm has supported various sports and health projects through financial and in-kind sponsorship for a number of years through the ‘FutureSport’ project run throughout Germany.


By acting together we can make things happen. Since 2007 we have been involved in a mentoring project with the Karl-Spohn-Realschule, a secondary school in the Gerhausen district of Blaubeuren. Not only do we provide financial aid to the school but we offer training programmes for pupils to help them enter the world of work, such as job application training and providing tips for job applications. Regular visits to the factory and internships bring school classes to life and help make career choices easier for pupils at a later stage.

Local projects in, near and around Ulm

Rehm also supports various regional social projects in Blaubeuren and the Ulm area. Our sponsorship campaigns support schools, for example with equipment, or arrange free-time activities.

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