For us, environmental awareness is the focus.

Sustainability is of the essence. This was accepted in the electronics industry long ago. By investing in efficient systems, companies have been able to reduce their energy consumption on a long-term basis. We have a clear mission in terms of environmentally aware manufacturing.

Save the Future

Environmental considerations are central to Rehm in the development of innovative products. Our energy use concept combines high-quality, energy-saving technologies with the demands of a modern manufacturing company. Here tradition meets globalisation – we use raw materials from local suppliers to create systems that hold their ground on the global market. Additionally, our product philosophy rests on our low consumption of materials plus dependable recycling during manufacture, short transport distances and robust, long-life and upgradeable plant with low energy consumption and minimal emissions.

Karopack® – the clever packaging

To ensure that our equipment reaches our clients well protected from harm, we use the safe, well-padded and highly sustainable Karopack® system. The idea is brilliantly simple: old packaging material is used as padding for high-quality, tear-resistant and dust-free cushion pads. This solution is ideal both for void filling and shock absorption and for cushioning and fixing items in place. Sustainability from start to finish!

Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award

Every two years the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector awards the Environmental Technology Award to businesses that are making a significant contribution to resource efficiency and environmental conservation. This year we impressed the judges and won second place in the ‘Energy Efficiency’ category. Rehm developed an innovative technology for efficient use of the nitrogen required for inertisation and designed the first coolant-water-free reflow soldering system VisionXP+ Liquid Nitrogen, which uses nitrogen cooling. Thus the coolant water re-cooled using great energy, as well as the cooling unit and refrigerant are no longer required at all. Rehm was supported by its partner Air Liquide in the area of nitrogen technology.


(from left) Environment Minister Franz Untersteller, C.E.O. Johannes Rehm, Günter Dieckmann (Rehm), Marcel Kneer (Rehm) and André Kast (Air Liquide) (photo: BW Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector).


Protecting the environment and operating economically: Rehm Thermal Systems and Rehm BlechTec have succeeded in doing just that and are awarded with “Ökoprofit” certification. The certification acknowledges the success of the Rehm Group in implementing key measures to promote the sustainable use of resources and demonstrably reduce the burden on the environment. The partnership project involving IHK Ulm, IHK Bodensee-Oberschwaben, IWU Neu-Ulm, the town of Lindau and regional businesses focuses in particular on energy management, waste and recycling, occupational safety and health, legal and environmental monitoring and the conscientious handling of hazardous substances. 

(from left) Werner Kühl, IHK Ulm, Managing Director Johannes Rehm and Quality Manager Günter Dieckmann on the certification of Rehm Thermal Systems and Rehm BlechTec as an “Ökoprofit” company (photo: Rehm).

Woche der Umwelt

Rehm was one of just 200 selected exhibitors that gathered under the bright blue sky on 8th and 9th June 2016 in Berlin, focusing on the issue of sustainability. We presented the VisionXP+ with Liquid Nitrogen. The system developed in collaboration with industry partner Air Liquide works using liquid nitrogen cooling in accordance with the Rehm CoolFlow principle.  "Woche der Umwelt" therefore provided a great opportunity to present this clever system technology to the general public and even at the federal level, to share ideas with other like-minded people and to further expand the network of contacts; on this point, project participants from Rehm, Smyczek, Steca Elektronik and Air Liquide were in complete agreement.

Die Teams of Rehm Thermal Systems, Air Liquide, Steca Elektronik and Smyczek at the "Woche der Umwelt" in Berlin


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