Selective Conformal Coating - Protective coating of electrical components

The new Protecto coating system was developed to satisfy your demands for highest quality, stability and productivity for automatic in-line coating tasks.

Particular emphasis is placed on maintainability, intuitive programme configuration and ultra-flexible equipment that can be adapted to customer requirements.

The patented Stream-Coat® nozzles measuring up to 100 mm long and only 2.4 mm thick enable a protective coating between tightly packed, tall components. This means expensive and time-consuming manual re-coating is a thing of the past.

Furthermore, different application methods such as dispensing, spraying or jetting can be achieved "on the fly", without changing the applicator and without splatters. Even areas under components can be coated using the connectible manifold cut-out on the Stream Coat® nozzles. The manifold cut-out does this by pushing the coating material under the component. Up to four different, selective coating tasks can be performed effortlessly with up to four coating applicators in multiple applications.

Unique technology benefits

  • Multifunctional coating application: jetting, dispensing and spraying
  • Greatest possible process reliability
  • Up to 4 heatable nozzles
  • Highest coating accuracy
  • All-in-one lacquering
  • Selective coating
  • Long-lasting fault-free lacquering
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Also available as a production line concept consisting of a Protecto dispenser and RDS lacquer dryer
  • Quick, intuitive programming with dependable software tools
  • Flexible lacquering options thanks to multifunctional lacquer applicator

More than “just” coating – Application possibilities with ProtectoXP

With the ProtectoXP, completely new application fields are emerging – even outside of the conformal coating sector. Thanks to the highly flexible system construction, you can use ProtectoXP to combine several processes within one machine. In addition to sealing the entire circuit board, partial areas or individual components can also be coated on the support. From the “Globe Top” to “Dam & Fill” to the “Flip Chip Underfill”; different procedures have been developed here. With the ProtectoXP, a large number of applications – all in one system – can be realized. With innovative nozzle technology, the user can apply a wide variety of materials to the module – so each product will be optimally protected later according to the requirements.