A new world of drying methods: Optimal for high-temperature applications

The deciding competitive factor of the German energy supply system is no longer just the cost. Innovative performance, reliability and likelihood of being accepted on the global market are now much more important factors. Therefore, electronic components and the suitable outlet technology and connection technology have a key function. The rapid grid expansion for renewable energy, which followed the energy transition, presents manufacturers of power electronic systems with the task of supplying the market with reliable systems. The increasing demands of the energy suppliers and the demand for reliability and sustainability present many challenges to system development. To achieve these performance levels we must now enter into and extend offshore applications.

Rehm offers the new RDS magazine dryer for this area. The energy efficient and sustainable system was developed as part of the HotAL research project (high temperature-optimised AL-bonding technology for offshore applications). The goal is to optimise performance electronics modules through the use of innovative materials and process management for high-temperature applications. Along with Rehm, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin and the industry partners Heraeus, SEMIKRON and F & K Delvotec Bondtechnik took part in this project that was supported by BMBF.

Unique technology benefits

  •  Temperatures up to 300 °C possible
  • Residual oxygen values <5000 ppm O2 possible
  • Stable elevation profile through lock system and good thermal insulation
  • Steady heating of components at the lowest ∆ T
  • High-performance cooling zones with temperatures of 20 °C



Further Information