Energy efficient system at reduced operating costs

The RDS dryer for metallization lines dries pastes on silicon solar cells which have been applied by means of screen printing. The drying system comprises a combination of several infrared zones and one central convection zone. As a result, the temperature profile can be adjusted flexibly, but nevertheless extremely accurately. The solar cells are then cooled down gently so that they’re immediately ready for further processing. The system can also be ordered with a double or triple lane conveyor in order to assure high throughput levels. A VOC Thermal Oxidizer system is optionally available for purifying exhaust air.


Unique technology benefits

  • Best temperature profiling
  • Safe and vibration free transport
  • Efficient process gas cleaning
  • Excellent cooling gradient
  • High throughput (up to 5700 wafer/h at triple lane operation)
  • Divided belt system  (heating / cooling zone)
  • Already over 500 installed systems worldwide
  • Optional VOC Thermal Oxidizer

Award-winning technology: Solar Award "Excellent Product"

Energy efficiency and the sustainable use of resources are a central point of our company philosophy. We combine in the manufacture of our systems quality, energy-saving technologies with the requirements of a modern manufacturing company. With our environmentally friendly concept and the excellent deposition results, the technology implemented in our Thermal Oxidizer was already awarded in 2011 with the Solar Award in the category "Excellence" (Product).



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