Ideal system with a compact design

Small lot sizes? Minimal throughput? For electronics manufacturers it’s always important to attain high levels of quality in PCB production, even for small lot sizes. This necessitates optimum process performance for reproducible soldering results which have to be implemented and complied with uncompromisingly and in the long-term. The VisionXC has been designed precisely for this target group. It’s distinguished by its compact design which unites all important technological features in an extremely small footprint. The VisionXC is the ideal system for small and medium lot sizes in the production department, in the lab and for demonstration production lines.

Unique technology benefits

  • Stable process, even for lead-free soldering
  • Optimized heat transfer and thermal stability
  • Integrated residue management
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Minimal maintenance costs

Our VisionXC Edition: efficiency and quality at an attractive price

Are you looking for a reliable all-round system and do you want to profit from optimized machine configurations? Or do you want a system which is also capable of processing small production work orders in an ideal fashion?

Rehm’s VisionXC convection reflow soldering systems are exceptionally well suited for the production of small lot sizes.Our VisionXC Edition systems are available with our time-tested standard equipment.This leaves nothing to be desired and offers great value for the money. Our systems are available for use with nitrogen or air atmospheres. Please contact us for information regarding our conditions of sale.


Our nitrogen systems

  • VisionXC Edition nitro type 422
  • VisionXC Edition nitro type 523

You don’t need a nitrogen system?

The VisionXC Edition air is also available with outstanding features at an extremely reasonable price.


Our air systems

  • VisionXC Edition air type 422
  • VisionXC Edition air type 523
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