Void-free soldering with vacuum – Ideal for a great variety of applications

The Nexus guarantees high-quality results with a reflow process using contact heat in a vacuum. It thus meets the highest requirements of power electronics, in the advanced packaging and semiconductor area.

The Nexus contact soldering system is best suited for void-free soldering of different devices (e.g. IGBT) on DCB substrates. The combining of materials that are normally highly dissimilar takes place in the vacuum at a reduced pressure at temperatures up to 450 °C. The reduced pressure thereby helps to minimise oxidation on the components and on the solder itself. The transfer of heat is via heat contact surfaces or optional by radiation. The Nexus system is predominantly used in small and medium production lines as well as in the field of laboratory.

Unique technology benefits

  • Oxide and void-free joint surface between chip and interconnected device
  • Integrated or separate cleaning and de-scaling processes
  • Simple profiling and fast heating and cooling rates
  • Assembly under high level of vacuum
  • Integration of drying and degassing processes
  • Optimum dispersal of waste heat