Efficient assembly temperature control for reliable test results

Inspection and measurement procedures are increasingly becoming standard, particularly in the automobile sector, for testing the resistance of integrated parts under real-life environmental conditions. Any malfunction or serial defect involves considerable costs and extensive consequences. Rehm Thermal Systems developed the System Securo Plus for the heating function test and Securo Minus for the cold function test. The systems function under an air or nitrogen atmosphere. In order to ensure that sensitive electronics can withstand winter conditions, function modules are cooled to temperatures as low as −50°C and then tested. Whereas, in order to simulate the installation environment in the vehicle, the assemblies are heated to up to +120°C. The Securo systems can optionally be combined with other measuring equipment. This enables comprehensive monitoring of the functionality and reliable quality control. The best analysis and documentation tools also ensure that the processes are transparent.

Flexible system configurations which can be integrated into any production environment

Flexibility is key in the day-to-day production environment nowadays. Our Securo series has a modular construction and can be integrated into your production landscape as an inline or island solution.

In both solutions, targeted heating and cooling and subsequent temperature measurement is reliably ensured in multiple work steps. A changeable carrier system makes processing different assembly shapes and geometries possible without any issues. In this regard, it does not matter whether you wish to implement small-scale or medium-scale production with manual loading or large-scale production with automatic parts handling. This means that it is possible to install a test system downstream to enable the reliability of the heated and/or cooled assembly to be checked straight away.

Why Inspection | Testing?

  • Analysis of the resistance of sensitive electronics at extreme temperatures
  • Optimum combination of the systems with other measurement equipment
  • Outstanding warming and cooling capacity
  • Best insulation values thanks to optimum housing insulation
  • Easy accessibility and minimum maintenance costs
  • Systems are available as an island or inline solution

Hot function test

Cold function test