Metallising systems for solar cells

Not only do our systems satisfy the most stringent demands in the sphere of electronics products, but we also offer efficient equipment for photovoltaic systems. The fast firing systems and RDS solar dryer by Rehm for the typical metallisation of monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar cells have outstanding heating capacity and so achieve top-class results. Our solar equipment has been developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, based on our decades of experience with thermal system solutions.

The right system for every application

As a result of the further development of the cell technology and the associated different requirements for the thermal systems, the solar systems have been optimised for the different processes and new concepts have been implemented.

For example, the Rehm magazine dryer was developed for HJT cell technology with the requirements of long dwell times and low temperatures. For the established solar cell concepts, Rehm expanded the portfolio with the Speeddryer series in order to meet the requirements in terms of the high throughputs and cycle times of <= 1.0 s. With the use of new technologies and radiation sources, a system which requires very little space for the regeneration of light-induced defects has been made available.

The highlights of our solar equipment

  • Thermal system adapted to the process for diverse requirements
  • Continuous optimisation of the system for stable processes
  • Low-maintenance systems with high operating time
  • Compact construction
  • Short pre-heating and cooling times thanks to high radiation power
  • High energy efficiency and low heat loss

Best Performance

Maximum throughput and the best results


Frontend and backend solutions